Chicken basque for dog

Hi everyone,

Today we share a recipe that Jaeger love: the chicken basque (dog version). It is ready in 20mn maximum!


  • 240g of chicken: 10g per kilo of your dog, and per meal you want to cook (for exemple Jaeger 8kg x 10g x 3 meals = 240g)
  • 1 green paprika
  • 240g of tomato: same logic
  • 120g of uncooked rice or 240g cooked
  • 2 large spoons of vegetal oil
  • Eventually some chicken broth

The recipe:

  • Over cook the rice approximatly 15-20% more than what the box says (this help your dog process the rice starch), and eventually some chicken broth to add some extra taste (not much, they are often salty and made with onions)
  • Cut the chicken, the paprika and the tomatoes in same sized dice
  • Cook the chicken with the oil on high heat
  • Add the paprika and let it cook for 1mn
  • Then the tomatoes for another 3mn
  • Add the cooked rice, cover and let it on medium heat for 8mn
  • It’s ready!

Your dog will love it! And you can keep it for 2 days in a closed box in the fridge.

NB: For Jaeger it is a once in a while pleasure, not her everyday food.

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