Bassin de la Villette – A holidays by the sea feeling in Paris

Hi everyone,

Today we went for a walk with Jaeger around the Bassin de la Villette. This waterway in the 19th district, right after the Saint Martin Canal, is the biggest artificial waterbody of Paris. It was created in 1808, and today it is a perfect place to walk your dog before having a nice dinner with a wonderful relaxing view.

Jaeger: 3/5

Us: 4,5/5

Jaeger loved:

  • The large and beautiful docks (and the many trees)
  • The bridges going over the waterbody and giving you nice and long perspectives
  • The many friends that you meet along the road
  • The possibility to mix that walk with an other one in le parc de la Villette, a dog friendly park of Paris (a post will be coming soon)

We loved:

  • The young and relaxed atmosphere
  • The possibility to make a bocce game almost everywhere
  • The many many many nice terrace to have a drink or a meal with a view on the basin
  • That holidays by the sea felling while watching the boats
  • The opportunyty to rent a small electric boat to have a nice picnic with your dog on the water (infos ici)

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • The lack of grass
  • The lack of specific dog areas
  • The many people (but it was a summer friday night, normally the basin is more calm)

We were less amazed by:

  • The lack of green areas too
  • The doubtfull cleanliness of the water in the basin

Please do share your feelings about this walk. As usual, the map & google map link are under the pics.

Have a nice walk!

Capture d_écran 2017-06-24 à 09.16.03

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