The Garda Lake, a taste of dogfriendly Italy

Hi everyone,


This summer we went with jaeger on the banks of the Garda Lake (Lago di Garda) in Italy near Verona. In addition to being close of Roméo & Juliet city, we have had the chance to enjoy one of the most dogfriendly area that we have ever seen.

As you can see on the pics bellow, the lake is really beautiful, with those mountains in the back thanks to the beginning of the Italian Alpes. But more than just the beauty of the place, we were truly amazed by the number of dog that we met in every city.

Everything seems to be made to make our furry friends feel welcomed. Almost every shop has some water bowl for dogs, and welcome them. Even in the mall it was possible to come with your pet, and almost every restaurant has offered us some water for the dog without even asking for it.

There is a lot of activities that you can do with them. Most of the beaches are allowed for dogs (that seems like a dream for a French dog), and being that close to the Alpes allow you to go hiking really fast. For those of you who might feel lazy (like us under the heat of august), there is a funicular that allow you to go on top of the monte Baldo with your dog for a walk a bit less exhausting and still enjoy a breathtaking view on the Lake

Jaeger loved :

  • To be able to come with us almost everywhere
  • The water bowl available in every store
  • The hiking
  • The beaches where she was allowed to run
  • The countless friends we met in the streets

We loved:

  • The wonderful landscapes
  • The Italian restaurants & the incredibly good food
  • The magnificent Italian cities
  • The chance to alternate between walks in the nature, beaches and historical visits in just a few kilometers

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • The heat, especially during lunchtime (but it was the second week of August so quite normal)
  • The fact that she had to try a muzzle for the first time. In Italy, dogs don’t need to wear it, but you must have one with you just in case.

We were less amazed by:

  • The seaside resort feeling in a few crowded cities.


To conclude, the Garda Lake is an ideal destination for holidays or a long weekend with your dog!

NB : During summer, a lot of Germans come by the Lake, so you might have to use some German along with Italian and English to make yourself understandable 🙂


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