Get the best memory of your dog in Paris with Patounes & Moustaches

Hi everyone,


As you may have seen, the purpose of this blog is to help you enjoy Paris with your dog by sharing some nice walk ideas. But we thought that it might also be interesting to give you some other tips regarding activities & shop that you can also enjoy with them in the city of light. What could have been a better start than sharing our wonderful meeting with Lydia of Patounes et Moustaches?

Lydia can take amazingly cool pictures of your dog to bring back a nice memory of Paris at home, she has a truly personal universe that I would describe as lively and colorful. She is of course truly talented (if you have any doubt, please check the pics below or her webstite), but she is also really professional and caring. She will adapt to your dog to make sure that he has a good time (and you too), and also to make the best possible pics of him.


For example, Jaeger, like most of the Shibas, isn’t really the best at coming back when you call her. So it was a bit complicated to let her free to take the pics at Invalides because there is a lot of car there. But Lydia was able to adapt herself to it and to choose the right ways and shoot angle to make the problem disappear.

During this shoot, we also shared a really nice moment with a charming and interesting person (of course she can speak in English if needed)

Regarding practical information’s:

For the pictures itself there is at least 3 options: shooting in Paris for example at the trocadero or during a walk in a park, shooting in a studio or even at your place. By the way, as you can see in her gallery she is also really good at taking pictures of the dog with their masters.

The best to plan a shooting with Lydia is to contact her at the very least 2 days before the shooting. You can do it through her website contact form or call her on 0033 6 65 26 20 68.

Regarding the price, of course it depends of what you want to do, but you can already plan a shooting for 95€. More info here.

Now let’s stop the suspense, here are the pics:

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