The Trocadéro Gardens – The most photogenic walk of Paris

Hi everyone,

This weekend we went for a walk in the Trocadéro garden. We wanted to make some nice photos with the Eiffel tower of course, but we also wanted to let Jaeger wander and chase the leaf’s in the gardens around one of the most famous places of the word!

We were there early in order to catch the morning lights for the pics, so the gardens were still quite calm, we only met a few furry friends along the road. But of course, I wouldn’t recommend you go there a Saturday afternoon at 4 during the holidays! 😊

Jaeger : 2,5/5

Us : 3,5/5

Jaeger loved:

  • Seeing a bit of green, the lawns and the small artificial river
  • The few playful friends we met along the road
  • The calm atmosphere in the beginning of the day
  • The autumn leaf’s
  • The opportunity to go for a walk on the Seine banks or on the Champ-de-Mars

We loved:

  • The gardens that are really cute and well-trimmed
  • The amazing viw on the Eiffel Tower that follow you everywhere
  • The many perfects spots to take wonderful pics
  • The fact that dogs are allowed in those garden that are probably the more seen in the world

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • The gardens are quite small
  • Being obliged to be on a leash
  • The numerous people here out of the empty hours

We were less amazed by :

  • The fact that the neighborhood is really only made for tourist (quite normal though)

To conclude it is a nice place to go to if you walk your dog in this area, or if you want to take some beautiful pictures, but clearly, it’s not worth going through Paris with your dog just to visit those gardens if you already went there!


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