Champs de Mars – A dogfriendly walk in front of the Tour Eiffel

Hi everyone,


This weekend, we take you to the champs de Mars. As you may imagine it’s clearly not the most confidential garden in Paris, but dogs are allowed and it is a nice walk to look at the Eiffel tower in the eyes.

Jaeger : 2,5/5

Us : 3/5

Jaeger loved :

  • The pigeons, they are everywhere and clearly not afraid, perfect for some city hunting!
  • The big lawns and alley
  • The opportunity to meet some furry friends there
  • Being next to Two Tails, a nice brand-new pet shop in the area

We loved :

  • The view of course
  • The district, ideal to go for another walk on the Seine banks after or on l’ile aux Cygnes
  • The accessibility, with many metros in the area

Jaeger was less amazed by :

  • The many people
  • The lack of « wild nature »
  • Having to be on a leash

We were less amazed by :

  • Also, the many people
  • The cleanliness that was quite debatable

To conclude it is clearly a nice walk, ideal to visit Paris with your dog or make some pictures. But if you know already the area and if you want to get your dog to run, it’s clearly not the ideal walk!


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