Two Tails – A new petshop in Paris that your dog will love

Hi everyone,


This weekend we take you to a new cool Petshop in Paris, on the left banks of the Seine. The shop named Two Tails, just opened two month ago near the famous Champs de Mars & the Eiffel Tower

Two tails, 199 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris

The shop itself looks really cool and additionally to their wide range of products, they also offer services like: dog walk, dog sitting during holidays, training sessions or visiting your cat at home.

And cherry on the cake, the two shop owners are really cool! But enough talking let’s go to the products. We loved:

  • Deer Antlers to chew, totally ecofriendly and pet cruelty free since they are taken on the ground in the woods during the molt season. It’s the perfect chew toy since it is almost endless and totally safe for your dog stomach! Starting at 10€
  • The Animalin Harness, easy to put on, with a look really close of the famous Julius K9, but you can attach the leash in front or on the back of your dog in order to prevent him from pulling. Starting at 28€
  • The dog bed / bag, beautiful, practical and comfy, we love it! 139€
  • Finally, the fruit-like toys, that will let you think that your dog is playing with a Haribo bag since they smell so good! Starting at 12,9€

To conclude, it is clearly the right shop for your everyday life or to bring back the perfect gift from Paris to your furry friend!


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