The Versailles palace park – An amazing historical walk with your dog

Hi everyone !

This weekend we went with Jaeger in the Versailles Palace Park. This wonderful haven of nature is totally free and dogs are totally allowed on a leash. Of course, you won’t be able to go in the gardens part or in the palaces itself with your pup. You can access directly to the park through the Grille de la Reine or Grille des matelots depending on which train station you arrived at.

The Palace park is almost 820 hectares wide (almost as big as Le Bois de Vincennes or le Bois de Boulogne), so it will be a bit hard to see it all in one time. It’s located directly in front of the castle, right after the French gardens from Lenôtre. The park is made of large alley with amazing perspectives and also in the center the gigantic “Grand Canal”.

Jaeger : 4/5

Us : 4/5

Jaeger loved :

  • The nature and freedom feeling
  • The big spaces all greener than the other
  • The sheep nearby
  • The “Grand Canal” to look after some fishes
  • The peaceful atmosphere

We loved :

  • How beautiful the place is, Versailles is definitely one of the most beautiful palace in France and in the world
  • The incredible perspectives of the park
  • Having the feeling to visit history
  • The cleanliness of the park
  • The peaceful atmosphere also

Jaeger was less amazed by :

  • Having to be on a leash
  • The long way to go there in RER (even if on the way back it is perfect to take a nap)
  • The terrifying golf cars in the park

We were less amazed by :

  • The long way too
  • And not being able to go in the magnificent gardens with the dog (quite normal but still it would have made amazing pics!)

To conclude, we definitely recommend you to go there with your pup in order to discover or rediscover an amazing historical place while enjoying a nice walk in nature !


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