Two Tails – A new petshop in Paris that your dog will love

Hi everyone,


This weekend we take you to a new cool Petshop in Paris, on the left banks of the Seine. The shop named Two Tails, just opened two month ago near the famous Champs de Mars & the Eiffel Tower

Two tails, 199 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris

The shop itself looks really cool and additionally to their wide range of products, they also offer services like: dog walk, dog sitting during holidays, training sessions or visiting your cat at home.

And cherry on the cake, the two shop owners are really cool! But enough talking let’s go to the products. We loved:

  • Deer Antlers to chew, totally ecofriendly and pet cruelty free since they are taken on the ground in the woods during the molt season. It’s the perfect chew toy since it is almost endless and totally safe for your dog stomach! Starting at 10€
  • The Animalin Harness, easy to put on, with a look really close of the famous Julius K9, but you can attach the leash in front or on the back of your dog in order to prevent him from pulling. Starting at 28€
  • The dog bed / bag, beautiful, practical and comfy, we love it! 139€
  • Finally, the fruit-like toys, that will let you think that your dog is playing with a Haribo bag since they smell so good! Starting at 12,9€

To conclude, it is clearly the right shop for your everyday life or to bring back the perfect gift from Paris to your furry friend!


The Furbo Dog Camera – A great tool to take care of your dog from work

Hello Furry friends,

As you may know with our instagram contest, we have since a few weeks a furbo dog camera. With this camera you can see your dog at home when you’re away, you can talk to him and send him treats!

Here is our complete review!


We really love the idea as our work days are quite long and it’s also very funny and reassuring. Moreover, we would love to have this dog camera when we educated jaeger. It’s a great tool to learn your dog to stay alone without doing any mess and there is a barking alert to be aware if your dog barks. With a Shiba we haven’t big problem on this point but if you have dogs who “sing” a lot it’s perfect for your neighborhood and to reassure your dog!

You can stop the dog camera with your smartphone when you are at home to avoid your partner your secret face! By the way, the dog camera has a light that move from yellow to blue when it’s activated.



The App settings and optimization are very intuitive so no worries, you just have to find the perfect treats. After several tests, we found 2 brands that propose the ideal treat format: light bones from Nutriandise and the Educ’ from Royal Canin.

Nutriandise are good but you need to halve the piece to be sure it’s worked. We prefer Royal Canin treats because there are light too and very appreciated by Jaeger.


Finally, the biggest work is with your dog  J ! In fact, the camera mechanism makes a little nose so your dog needs to be used too. On our side, Jaeger is really scared of everything so it took us 1and a half week for her to be totally used to the dog camera and wait for treats (tips to educate your dog with this camera just after).

Concerning the object itself, the camera is really qualitative and the design very nice with white and wood, matched with our interior decoration.

When it comes to the price, its 250€ but as the brand is already in other country and just be launched in France, you can find the Furbo dog camera for 199€ during few weeks.

For sure it’s an investment but if you have a puppy to educate or if you stay at work for a long time or if you have a dog that barks, that’s worth it! (with Christmas in few weeks, maybe it’s the ideal timing 🙂 )

You can find more info on Furbos on the brand website or on Amazon.


Our tips to acclimate your dog to the camera:

  • Create an event for your dog when you receive the camera!
  • Fill the Furbo for the first time with your dog like this he/she can see the treats.
  • The camera makes noise when you launch a treat; it’s good to make a noise your dog is used to at the same moment like a clicker sound if you use this kind of educational method.
  • The best is to give the treats by yourself at the beginning when the mechanism makes a noise in order that your dog associates the nose with good thing.
  • Finally, wait before your dog is really confident with the camera before launch treats when you’re not at home.


The best shopping adresses of the center of Paris to Spoil your dog

Bonjour à tous,

Hi everyone,

This weekend we went shopping and we thought it might be a great idea to share with you our favorite shops in the center of Paris that Jaeger love: Moustaches, the inevitable, and a brand-new shop, Flair in the City.

Those two pet shops are really different and you should find there everything your furry friends may dream of!

Moustache, 32 rue des Archives, 75004 Paris

Let’s get started with Moustaches, located 32 rue des Archives in the beautiful and trendy 4th district. When we used to live in “le Marais”, it was our everyday shop. Jaeger was running towards it from 3 blocks away 😊. You’ll find there an extremely large choice of accessible products that should fulfill every need your dog may have.

We choose 3 that you might like (OK it is actually 4 but it’s hard to make choices!) :

  • The famous pig, adorable and so design, it drives Jaeger totally nuts! (starting at 13,9€)
  • Toys and stuffed animals of Beco Bone, amazing look and made of recycled raw material. Nice and environmental friendly! (starting at 12,5€)
  • Finally, the Curli Harnesses, extremely comfortable for the dog, with a large choice of nice colors (starting at 27,5€)
  • Small bonus: as Jaeger and Nico are fan of this brand, they also have the whole Lilly’s Kitchen range, for quality food and treats!


So we strongly recommend you to pay a visit to Moustaches, especially since the team is really cool!


Flair in the City, 36 rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris

Now let’s go a bit more to the north at flair in the City, 36 rue d’Aboukir in the 2nd district. This ultra-design & trendy shop opened just a few month ago, and it was our first visit. They will soon also have a corner in “Le Bon Marché” if you’re not so close of the shop.

They have a product selection that is so original & beautiful! You’ll find here high-end products to take care of your dog or your cat. They have a “croquette bar” that is basically a lounge for dogs and we love it. The whole shop has a zen/chic atmosphere that will make you feel really comfy. And finally, Jimmy Choo, the official dog of the shop, will warmly welcome you and your pet.

We also choose to present you three original products from the shop:

  • A balm to take care of your dog delicate paws (11€)
  • Some beautiful medals, made by Adeline Cacheux in enamel & for some in silver, so that your dog can always look classy (from 80€ to 130€)
  • And finally, some treats made in Limousin, Jaeger is crazy about it (6,5€ per 100g)


We also strongly recommend you to go pay a visit there if you are looking for some original products, or why not to find the perfect gift with Christmas coming!

Get the best memory of your dog in Paris with Patounes & Moustaches

Hi everyone,


As you may have seen, the purpose of this blog is to help you enjoy Paris with your dog by sharing some nice walk ideas. But we thought that it might also be interesting to give you some other tips regarding activities & shop that you can also enjoy with them in the city of light. What could have been a better start than sharing our wonderful meeting with Lydia of Patounes et Moustaches?

Lydia can take amazingly cool pictures of your dog to bring back a nice memory of Paris at home, she has a truly personal universe that I would describe as lively and colorful. She is of course truly talented (if you have any doubt, please check the pics below or her webstite), but she is also really professional and caring. She will adapt to your dog to make sure that he has a good time (and you too), and also to make the best possible pics of him.


For example, Jaeger, like most of the Shibas, isn’t really the best at coming back when you call her. So it was a bit complicated to let her free to take the pics at Invalides because there is a lot of car there. But Lydia was able to adapt herself to it and to choose the right ways and shoot angle to make the problem disappear.

During this shoot, we also shared a really nice moment with a charming and interesting person (of course she can speak in English if needed)

Regarding practical information’s:

For the pictures itself there is at least 3 options: shooting in Paris for example at the trocadero or during a walk in a park, shooting in a studio or even at your place. By the way, as you can see in her gallery she is also really good at taking pictures of the dog with their masters.

The best to plan a shooting with Lydia is to contact her at the very least 2 days before the shooting. You can do it through her website contact form or call her on 0033 6 65 26 20 68.

Regarding the price, of course it depends of what you want to do, but you can already plan a shooting for 95€. More info here.

Now let’s stop the suspense, here are the pics: