The Montsouris park, a dogfriendly haven of peace in the south of Paris

Hi everyone,

During this sunny weekend, we take you to the Montsouris Park. This big park (almost 16 hectares) is located in the south ectremity of Paris in the 14th district. We enjoyed here the big lawns et the wonderfull november colours in the many trees. The whole park is dog friendly as long as the dogs are on a leash.

This Park was build on demand of the Baron Haussmann just like the Bois de Boulogne, the Bois de Vincennes or the Buttes Chaumont park. Even if it’s not really in the center of Paris, the park itself is quite easilly accessible since there is many metro and RER stops next to it.

Jaeger : 4,5/5

Us : 4,5/5

Jaeger loved :

  • The big spaces
  • The hilly lawns to tired herself out
  • The many tiny animals and birds especially near the lake
  • The poney we met during our walk !

We loved :

  • The space, for a park in Paris, this one is quite big
  • It is also beautifully made in a romantic style
  • There is many atmosphere reagrding where you are in the park
  • You can also find a small bar near the water plan and also « la Butte aux cailles » area is near in order to have a nice lunch or drink after your walk

Jaeger was less amazed by :

  • The lack of furry friends, there is quite many dogs in the park, but since it’s big, you dont meet them that often
  • Having to be on a leash

We were less amazed by :

  • The lack of trashcan in the park, not that convinient when you walk your dog
  • Also the place, a bit far away from the center of Paris

Anyway, we strongly recommand you to go there if you want to have a nice walk in a beautifull park with your dog !

The Monceau Park- The chicest dog friendly park in Paris

Hi everyone,


Last weekend, we went for a walk in the Monceau Park, at the border between the 8th and the 17th district of Paris. Both the park and the area are amazingly beautiful, it is definitely the chicest dogfriendly park of Paris! Dogs are allowed in the whole garden, theoretically on a leash, but we met there a lot of pups without one during this morning walk.

The park was created at the end of the XVIIIth century on behalf of Duc de Chartre, you’ll find their many statues, some wonderful colonnades or even an old arch from the former Paris city hall. The park has been modified a lot of time during his existence, but in his actual form it is a bit more than 8 hectares, that is quite enough to let your furry friends run freely!

Jaeger : 4/5

Us : 4,5/5

Jaeger loved :

  • The big lawns to run
  • All the dogs we met during our walk (really, it’s crazy how many dogs there was!)
  • The numerous water points in the park
  • The aisles, made of sand for a lot of them, way more comfy for her small paws
  • The unwritten authorization to walk there without a leash

We loved :

  • The beauty of the park and of the buildings around
  • The easy access with many subway stations close to the park
  • The ideal area to go for a drink or a bite after your walk, since the famous « rue des dames » is only a few meters away
  • The cleanliness of the park

Jaeger was less amazed by :

  • The official rules that doesn’t allow to run without a leash
  • The lack of small hills to tire yourself out!

We were less amazed by :

  • Not so many things to be honest, but in order to be really picky we will say that the park could have been a bit bigger.


To conclude, we clearly encourage you to go discover this beautiful park and to have there a poetic walk with your dog, who should find many friends to play with him there.


Buttes Chaumont: Let your dog travel between nature and parisian life

When the sun is out, we advise you to go directly to the Buttes Chaumont parc. In the 19th district between Belleville and Bassin de la Villette, the Buttes Chaumont parc is really a small piece of heaven with amazing perspectives.

This Hill was upgraded as a garden during the Paris landscaping projects ordered by Napoleon III. Today on the 25 hectare, we can find landscape with rock, cliff, cave and one lake. On the park island, you can see a beautiful temple.

You can walk everywhere with your dog in this park.

Jaeger 4/5

Nous 5/5

Jaeger loved :

  • The large lawn and all the small pieces where you can find water or climb on rock.
  • The hills which enable to really spend energy.
  • All the crows you can hunt
  • Plenty of friends to lay with


We loved :

  • The beauty of the garden and all the accommodations because we feel like we are elsewhere from Paris.
  • Amazing perpectives between city and nature when you’re at the top of the hill.
  • All the restaurants & bars you can find in the park nature. Moreover, at 10 minutes by foot, you have also one of the most beautiful views of Paris overhead Belleville Park in Moncoeur bar.
  • Park maintenance

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • Je ne peux pas enlever ma laisse

We were less amazed by:

  • A bit far from Paris city center

We totally recommend you this park for you and your dog because of its beauty and perspectives on Paris thanks on different hills. It’s perfect for a picnic on Sunday noon. As usual the map is bellow the pics!



The map:

Capture d_écran 2017-10-15 à 12.42.08

La Coulée Verte: Another view on Paris with your dog

Hi Everyone,


This week we would like you to discover a nice walk on “La Coulée Verte René Dumont”, partially dog friendly. This old disused railroad has become a long green promenade of more than 4 km since 1993. The way connects Bastille and the Bois de Vincennes while going through buildings in the 11th and 12th district of Paris.

Jaeger: 4/5

Us: 4,5/5

As you can see on the pics bellow, the promenade look a lot like the New York Highline, since almost half of it overhang the streets of Paris of 7 meters. This way, you can have a mixed vision of nature, city views and street art. That is really an uncommon walk, that is for now not that well known by the tourist and the Parisian themselves. Here is a schematic map:

plan 3D

Officially, dogs are not welcome on the first 2 kilometers, but only after the Reuilly Garden. But we made this walk at least 20 times with Jaeger before knowing it, and we never had any problem (it still might have been different with a bigger dog). But anyway, after those 2 first kilometers, dogs are totally welcome on the second half of the way, that allows you to have an original trip to go to the Bois de Vincennes.


Jaeger loved:

  • The calm atmosphere, one of the privileges when you are above the street
  • The beautiful nature along the way, more or less wild depending on the parts
  • The fact that after this walk you arrive at the Bois de Vincennes and you can start a new one right away
  • All the dogs that you meet

We loved:

  • The calm atmosphere also
  • The beautiful and original perspectives over Paris
  • The feeling to be a bit in a confidential area reserved to the people who knows it
  • The slalom in the middle of the buildings, 7m above the ground
  • The opportunity to go to the Bois de Vincennes without the subway
  • The well-groomed green spaces
  • On the beginning of the second part, a few bars with terraces to have a small break

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • The fact that she cannot go everywhere
  • Not being able to go in the Jardin de Reuilly bellow the walk

We were less amazed by:

  • The many joggers on the way


To conclude, this is definitely a nice and original walk for you and your dog in order to discover Paris. As usual, the map and the link to google map are below the pics.