The Parc de Bercy – A perfect spot to let your dog unwind himself in the center

Hi everyone,

This week we want you to discover the Parc de Bercy. Located in the 12th district, along the Seine docs, near Bercy Arena of course and in front of the gigantic Bibliotheque Francois Mitterand (BNF), a big part of the park is allowed to dogs.

Jaeger: 4/5

Nous: 3,5/5

Jaeger loved:

  • The big lawn and sidewalks where she could run
  • The many dogs that meets in the park (we eared about planned meetings on Sunday morning)
  • The big stairs perfect to unwind yourself
  • The location, along the Seine docs to make a double walk
  • Being allowed to run without her leash

We loved :

  • The easy access, the park is easy to reach with the subway and quite in the center
  • The really nice views from the sidewalks, with on one side the BNF and on the other a nice view of the park from above
  • To be sure to let Jaeger unwind herself thanks to the big lawn and the other dogs
  • To be close to Bercy Village, perfect to finish your walk with a nice restaurant or bar!

Jaeger was less amazed by :

  • Not being able to go everywhere since a part of the park is not allowed to dogs
  • The cleanliness sometimes a bit approximative

We were less amazed by:

  • Quite the same things!

To conclude, this par is perfect to let your dog meet some friends and run freely without having to go to the Bois de Vincennes or the Bois de Boulogne that are much more far away. In addition, this park give you the opportunity to make a double walk since it is close to the Seine docs and the « Coulée Verte ».

As usual the maps and google map link are below the pics.

Plan bercy

Travel in Paris with your dog – What you should know

Hi everyone,

Here we sum up all the main infos you need to know in order to enjoy your trip in France with your dog.


Hotels: A lot of hotels are Dog Friendly, usually you’ll have to pay a « little » extra between 7€ and 12€ per night. On and AirBnb, you can add a filter to display only places that accept dogs.

Transport: Dogs are allowed in the train and in the subway. For the train you’ll have to pay a 7€ ticket if your dog weight less than 8 kilos, half of the full price if it is bigger. The subway and all the other public transport are free.

Restaurant: Almost all restaurant accept dogs, and most of them will offer you water for your companion.

Public places: Your dog is supposed to be on leach at anytime in the street.

Parks & Recreation: It really depend of the parK, we try to list here every dog friendly cool places in Paris. In other cities, you may ask at the cityhall or in your hotel.

Papers: It really depend on the country you’re coming for. In European Union, the dog passport and a veterinarian certificate should be enough, else you should check with the french ambassy of your country.

Vets: In case of emergency, there is a lot of vets in Paris, you can find the nearest one here:

We hope this helps you, if you have any question feel free to ask in the comment!