Les Jardins du Palais Royal – the most beautyfull dog friendly park in Paris

Hi everyone,

This weekend we went to les jardins du palais royal, near the Louvre museum in the heart of Paris. That is definetly the most beautyfull park to walk your dog. This amazing garden was made under the order of the Cardinal de Richelieu in 1633. Here is our complete review with pictures.

For the dogs: 3,5/5

For the masters: 5/5

Jaeger was amazed by:

  • The many water fountain, really helpfull if your dog is thirsty
  • All the pigeons to hunt
  • All the friends that you get to meet here in order to play
  • The peacefullness of this closed park
  • The fact that you’re near the Tuilleries garden for a longer walk

We were amazed by:

  • The majestic place
  • The wonderfull green areas
  • The chairs all around the parc for a nice sunbath
  • The beautyfull cafés and restaurants all around the parc for a nice quiet lunch or drink in the sun
  • The famous Colonnes de Buren in the palace courtyard
  • The fact that you’re really close to the Louvre and in the heart of Paris

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • The fact that you have to be on a leash
  • The fact that you can’t play on the grass

We were less amazed by:

  • Nothing, you can’t possibly be that difficult! 🙂

To conclued it is definitly a wonderfull walk, more for the masters than for the dog who is propably less sensitiv to the architecture. It is a nice stop to make if you want some peace after a long walk in Paris, or if you want to have a nice lunch or drink after a walk with your dog.

The map is uder the pictures, have a nice walk!

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L’Ile de la Jatte – A Dogpark in Levallois near Paris 17eme

Hi everyone,

Today we let you discover ou favorite walk destination: the dogpark of l’Ile de la Jatte in Levallois. There you’ll have a wonderfull view on la Defense Business Center.

For the dogs: 5/5

For the masters: 5/5

Jaeger love:

  • The total freedom thanks to the closed dogparl
  • The many friends she find here anyday at anytime
  • The big lawn next to the dogpark
  • The walk on the docks close to the water
  • The wood pieces on the ground to run without hurting your pawns

We love:

  • The safety of the parc
  • The opportunity to let your dog run and play with other while resting on a bench in the sun
  • The bags and the fountain to let your dog drink
  • The wood pieces on the ground that avoid mud on the cloudy days
  • The many cool bars and restaurant on l’Ile de la Jatte (Le Petit Poucet or Les Pieds dans l’Eau for example)

Jaeger is less amazed by:

  • The dogpark which could be a bit bigger (really to say something)

We are less amazed by:

  • nothing

In our opinion it is the best parc to visit with a dog in the Est of Paris, you definetly have to go there if you’ have the chance (subway stop: Pont de Levallois)

Right after the pictures you’ll find a map and a link to google map.

Have a good walk,


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Travel in Paris with your dog – What you should know

Hi everyone,

Here we sum up all the main infos you need to know in order to enjoy your trip in France with your dog.


Hotels: A lot of hotels are Dog Friendly, usually you’ll have to pay a « little » extra between 7€ and 12€ per night. On booking.com and AirBnb, you can add a filter to display only places that accept dogs.

Transport: Dogs are allowed in the train and in the subway. For the train you’ll have to pay a 7€ ticket if your dog weight less than 8 kilos, half of the full price if it is bigger. The subway and all the other public transport are free.

Restaurant: Almost all restaurant accept dogs, and most of them will offer you water for your companion.

Public places: Your dog is supposed to be on leach at anytime in the street.

Parks & Recreation: It really depend of the parK, we try to list here every dog friendly cool places in Paris. In other cities, you may ask at the cityhall or in your hotel.

Papers: It really depend on the country you’re coming for. In European Union, the dog passport and a veterinarian certificate should be enough, else you should check with the french ambassy of your country.

Vets: In case of emergency, there is a lot of vets in Paris, you can find the nearest one here: https://www.pagesjaunes.fr/annuaire/paris-75/veterinaires

We hope this helps you, if you have any question feel free to ask in the comment!




Bois de Boulogne – A piece of nature at the gateway of Paris

Hi everyone

This Week-end we were in le Bois de Boulogne. A big wood (2,5 times bigger than Central Parc), straight at the gateway of Paris near the chic 16th district. The parc was build under Napoleon III orders in 1852.

For the dogs: 4/5

For the masters: 4/5

Jaeger loved:

  • The big lawn near the lac to play freely with her friends
  • The small quiet paths that make you feel like being in a big forest
  • The squirels, craws, ducks, gooses… So many good opportunitys to run!
  • The small rivers to stay fresh

We loved:

  • The peacefull feeling when you take one of the small paths
  • The opportunity to grab a drink or something to eat for every budget from Relais & Château « le Pré Catelan », to small refreshment bars near the lac, without forgetting the famous Chalet des îles (Book it if you want to eat, and take cash for the shuttle because it is on an island)
  • The diversity of the parc

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • The few roads that crosses the parc
  • The lack of spaces dedicated only to dogs

We were less amazed by:

  • The few dirty areas
  • The fact that you cant take the dog on the parc of the island (they are only allowed with you in the restaurant)

Globally, this is a very pleasant walk to make in order to have a small break, and also to discover the eiffel tower pointing its nose between two trees.

Right after the pictures you’ll find a map and a link to google map.

Have a good walk,

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