The Montsouris park, a dogfriendly haven of peace in the south of Paris

Hi everyone,

During this sunny weekend, we take you to the Montsouris Park. This big park (almost 16 hectares) is located in the south ectremity of Paris in the 14th district. We enjoyed here the big lawns et the wonderfull november colours in the many trees. The whole park is dog friendly as long as the dogs are on a leash.

This Park was build on demand of the Baron Haussmann just like the Bois de Boulogne, the Bois de Vincennes or the Buttes Chaumont park. Even if it’s not really in the center of Paris, the park itself is quite easilly accessible since there is many metro and RER stops next to it.

Jaeger : 4,5/5

Us : 4,5/5

Jaeger loved :

  • The big spaces
  • The hilly lawns to tired herself out
  • The many tiny animals and birds especially near the lake
  • The poney we met during our walk !

We loved :

  • The space, for a park in Paris, this one is quite big
  • It is also beautifully made in a romantic style
  • There is many atmosphere reagrding where you are in the park
  • You can also find a small bar near the water plan and also « la Butte aux cailles » area is near in order to have a nice lunch or drink after your walk

Jaeger was less amazed by :

  • The lack of furry friends, there is quite many dogs in the park, but since it’s big, you dont meet them that often
  • Having to be on a leash

We were less amazed by :

  • The lack of trashcan in the park, not that convinient when you walk your dog
  • Also the place, a bit far away from the center of Paris

Anyway, we strongly recommand you to go there if you want to have a nice walk in a beautifull park with your dog !

The Bois de Vincennes – the biggest nature area in Paris

Hi everyone,

On this really hot weekend we went for a walk in the Bois de Vincennes. It is one of the two big wood of Paris along with Bois de Boulogne (Vincennes is actually the bigger of Paris). It was the French kings hunting area for centuries before Louis XIV mooved to Versailles. It begins in the XII district and it is near the Vincennes castle.

For the dogs: 4,5/5

For the masters: 4/5

Jaeger loved:

  • The small streams for a fresh bath
  • The many, many (many) friends that you meet all along the road
  • The gigantic lawns, that are perfect to run with those new friends. It is kind of the official dog meeting areas!
  • The freshness on the small path in the shadow of the trees
  • The wild under woods
  • The fact that there is almost no streets and cars at all in the woods

We loved:

  • The more rustic look of the woods, way more natural and “exotic” than Boulogne
  • The small paths along the streams for a romantic walk
  • The opportunity to walk kilometers before crossing any road with car

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • The cleanliness of the water, that really depend on the spots and the season
  • The few water fountain (bring water for your dog with you)

We were less amazed by:

  • The lack of café, no way to have a nice fresh cola in the sun if you don’t bring your own!

To conclude, Boulogne is an amazing playing field for your dog and for you. It is really one of the parks where you meet the most dogs in Paris, perfect if yours need to socialize. Also, even if the lawns aren’t closed, since the roads are far away, it is a good spot to train your dog to come back. It was definitely a nice walk, and we hope you’ll get the chance to try it too!

As usual the map is below the pics with a link to google map

Capture d_écran 2017-06-19 à 23.30.05

Le Louvre: Le jardin des Tuileries – The must see

Hi everyone,

Today we take you to the Jardin des Tuileries, the garden between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde and the Champs Elysées. It is one of the oldest french garden, created in 1954 under the orders of Catherine de Médicis. A part of the parc is allowed to dogs, and it is a good opportunity to discover one of the most beautifull view of Paris with your pup! He is only forbiden in the center of the park (the map is bellow the pictures).

For the dogs: 3,5/5

For the masters: 4/5

Jaeger loved:

  • The big lawns of fresh grass
  • The many dogs that you can meet
  • The opportunity to run without a leash
  • The wonderfull hedges full of birds and other preys

We loved:

  • The place, the garden itself of course but also the view on le Louvre, the Eiffel Tower & the Orsay museum
  • The few café for a break during the walk
  • The big side alleys with shadow for the hot days
  • The fact that the park is in the center of Paris

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • The many peoples, clearly it is not the most secret park of Paris!
  • The fact that you can’t go in the center of the park
  • The noise during the weekend

We were less amazed by:

  • Quite the same things!

To conclued it is definitly a wonderfull walk to do if you have a chance, if you can it is better to go there during the week rather than sunday for lunch of course.

As usual the map is bellow the pics.

Have a nice walk!


Les Jardins du Palais Royal – the most beautyfull dog friendly park in Paris

Hi everyone,

This weekend we went to les jardins du palais royal, near the Louvre museum in the heart of Paris. That is definetly the most beautyfull park to walk your dog. This amazing garden was made under the order of the Cardinal de Richelieu in 1633. Here is our complete review with pictures.

For the dogs: 3,5/5

For the masters: 5/5

Jaeger was amazed by:

  • The many water fountain, really helpfull if your dog is thirsty
  • All the pigeons to hunt
  • All the friends that you get to meet here in order to play
  • The peacefullness of this closed park
  • The fact that you’re near the Tuilleries garden for a longer walk

We were amazed by:

  • The majestic place
  • The wonderfull green areas
  • The chairs all around the parc for a nice sunbath
  • The beautyfull cafés and restaurants all around the parc for a nice quiet lunch or drink in the sun
  • The famous Colonnes de Buren in the palace courtyard
  • The fact that you’re really close to the Louvre and in the heart of Paris

Jaeger was less amazed by:

  • The fact that you have to be on a leash
  • The fact that you can’t play on the grass

We were less amazed by:

  • Nothing, you can’t possibly be that difficult! 🙂

To conclued it is definitly a wonderfull walk, more for the masters than for the dog who is propably less sensitiv to the architecture. It is a nice stop to make if you want some peace after a long walk in Paris, or if you want to have a nice lunch or drink after a walk with your dog.

The map is uder the pictures, have a nice walk!

Capture d’écran 2017-06-05 à 10.20.56.png

L’Ile de la Jatte – A Dogpark in Levallois near Paris 17eme

Hi everyone,

Today we let you discover ou favorite walk destination: the dogpark of l’Ile de la Jatte in Levallois. There you’ll have a wonderfull view on la Defense Business Center.

For the dogs: 5/5

For the masters: 5/5

Jaeger love:

  • The total freedom thanks to the closed dogparl
  • The many friends she find here anyday at anytime
  • The big lawn next to the dogpark
  • The walk on the docks close to the water
  • The wood pieces on the ground to run without hurting your pawns

We love:

  • The safety of the parc
  • The opportunity to let your dog run and play with other while resting on a bench in the sun
  • The bags and the fountain to let your dog drink
  • The wood pieces on the ground that avoid mud on the cloudy days
  • The many cool bars and restaurant on l’Ile de la Jatte (Le Petit Poucet or Les Pieds dans l’Eau for example)

Jaeger is less amazed by:

  • The dogpark which could be a bit bigger (really to say something)

We are less amazed by:

  • nothing

In our opinion it is the best parc to visit with a dog in the Est of Paris, you definetly have to go there if you’ have the chance (subway stop: Pont de Levallois)

Right after the pictures you’ll find a map and a link to google map.

Have a good walk,


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